Speaking English Like a Boss

The quickest, easiest way to fast track your English skills for Business

6 June 2019; 13.00h London time
8 June 2019; 21.00h London time
13 June; 17.00h London time
16 June; 09.00h London time

Speaking English for Business properly is the pathway to a successful international career

Hello, and thank you for registering for our free webinar

I'm Robert Barton, over the years I've coached numerous business executives on how to use the 2nd language, English more effectively in their careers. In this webinar I'm going to be sharing some of my secrets to help you fast track your career by showing you how to speak English like an executive at work.

If you use English, or want to use English as a 2nd language at work then this webinar is for you. Join me live where I'll be sharing my experience as a businessman, language learner and English teacher, and answering your questions about Business English.


In this Masterclass, you'll learn:


How to speak more clearly

Techniques for improving your English pronunciation in a business setting


How to improve your listening skills

The secret to listening better to fast speech in business conversations


Cutting edge business materials from the World's leading business schools

How to gain a business education and general knowledge whilst improving your English vocabulary at the same time


How to use English in a business setting

How to communicate in a way that sounds educated and professional, even if you have an accent.